Friday, February 18, 2011

Acne Tips

Many people are affected by acne around the world both male, female young and old. This problem can arise at any stage in your life. While a lot of the time we tend to over complicate the issue there is simple things that you can do to rid your self of it.
Acne is most common amongst those who are going through puberty mainly because of a reaction to a hormone called testosterone.
The number one simple tip is this. Drink more water. Drink at least eight glasses per day. Cut out sugary sodas. Your skin needs water to hydrate and cleanse itself from within.
The second tip is to follow good hygiene practices. Change your towels daily and your bed clothing every other day. Shower at least once a day depending on what you do. If you workout always shower immediately after. Shampoo your hair frequently especially if you are having acne outbreaks on your forehead. Do not sleep with makeup on.
Cleanse your skin. Vary your cleanser depending on your skin type. Some cleansers are more suitable for oilier skin and others work better for sensitive skin. You can also get soaps especially for this. Wash your face at least twice a day.
If you drink lots of coffee it is time to stop. It has been said in some circles that coffee in certain cases can contribute to the acne problem. I have not seen direct evidence of it but it is wise to try it as a precautionary step.
Diet and exercise, eat living foods such as fruit and vegetables. Cut out vegetable oil, eat fruit in the mornings and have whole grain cereals and bread. Cut down on dairy and spicy foods. Along with diet, exercise as this helps with blood circulation delivering oxygen to the skin which will benefit not only your mug but also your overall health.
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